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Adding new Steam Interface

Steps :-
  • Create class with interface name.
  • derive it from "InterfaceBase" class.
  • Initialize "Interface" property with interface name.
  • Create a method with same name as api method.
  • Create classes for the response json string.(you may use sites like this one to do it for u).
  • use library(already included) to rename all classes as per the naming convention which this library follows.Do same for properties too.
  • Rename root object to ParsedResponse.
  • Create an instance of SteamUrl using interface name,method name,version and parameters.
  • if the method requires api key,then set AppendKey flag of SteamUrl to true.
  • pass it to GetParsedResponse method and return its response.

This is an implementaion of IPlayerService interface's GetCommunityBadgeProgress method.

    public class IPlayerService : InterfaceBase 
        internal IPlayerService()
            Interface = "IPlayerService";
        public GetCommunityBadgeProgressResponse GetCommunityBadgeProgress(ulong steamId)
            SteamUrl url = new SteamUrl { Interface = Interface, Method = "GetCommunityBadgeProgress", Version = 1, AppendKey = true };
            url.Parameters.Add(new Parameter { Name = "steamid", Value = steamId.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) });
            return GetParsedResponse<GetCommunityBadgeProgressResponse>(url);

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