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Query Master Server

Create an instance that would represent the Master Server.

MasterServer server = MasterQuery.GetMasterServerInstance(EngineType.Source);

Now You can query MasterServer using MasterServer instance.

Get Server Addresses

server.GetAddresses(Region.Asia, recv);

static void recv(ReadOnlyCollection<IPEndPoint> endPoints)
    foreach (IPEndPoint i in endPoints)
        //"" is the last address 
        if (i.Address.ToString() != "")

You can filter the result by using IPFilter Instance
eg:-Get CS:Source servers thats running "de_dust2" map in linux environment

server.GetAddresses(Region.Asia, recv, new IpFilter() { GameDirectory="cstrike",IsLinux=true,Map="de_dust2" });

Call dispose method to free the resources used by MasterServer Instance.


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