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ServerInfo Update

Information in Server.Extra can be accessed in following manner

Server server = ServerQuery.GetServerInstance(EngineType.Source, "<server ip>", <Server Port>);
ServerInfo info=server.GetInfo();
Console.WriteLine(info.Extra.GameId);//Game id of server
Console.WriteLine(info.Extra.Keywords);//Tags that describe the game according to the server.
Console.WriteLine(info.Extra.Port);//The server's game port number.
Console.WriteLine(info.Extra.SteamID);//Server's SteamID. 
if (info.Extra.SpecInfo != null)
Console.WriteLine(info.Extra.SpecInfo.Name);//Spectator port number for SourceTV. 
Console.WriteLine(info.Extra.SpecInfo.Port);//Name of the spectator server for SourceTV. 

Exception handling

The library queries server using the unreliable UDP protocol and parses the received UDP packets.
Exceptions raised during parsing the packets/data would now include the partially parsed data (byte array) that caused the exception.
Its recommended to include calls to library methods within try catch block to handle
-Socket time out exceptions.
-bugs(if any) in parsing system.

Recommended way:
//call to a library method
//incase of socket exception,recvdata would be null.
catch (Exception ex)
byte[] recvData = ex.Data["ReceivedData"] as byte[];

Note:This is added to find bugs easily.

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